The smartest way of keeking restrooms clean and  ALWAYS smelling amazingly well!

  • The smell and restroom´s cleanliness are closely connected.  A smelly restroom means a dirty restroom while a fresh smelling restroom means a clean restroom!
  • Unfortunately, the main cause of bad odors in public restrooms is drops of urine around and outside toilets and urinals!
  • Methods such as aerosol and fragrance dispensers just try to mask bad odors...and drip dispensers don´t apply products where you really need them: around bowls and urinals, where urine is splashed.
  • To solve this problem, we have designed the Always-Clean Restroom System from AromaQuest, that includes Continuous Fragrance Microdiffusers and our EasyQuest, Restroom Urine Odor Eliminator.
  • A once a day spray of EasyQuest  inside and around bowls and urinals prevents foul odors, while our Fragrance Midrodiffuser will keep your restrooms ALWAYS smelling Amazingly well! 
  • Fragrance will stay in the air with the same intensity in all areas of your restrooms - from the far corners to the doorway and everything in between - 100% of the time! 
  • Don´t keep struggling with dispensers that don´t maintain the intensity of the fragrance!
  • Stand out by keeping your restrooms at their best, offering visitors an environtment that is exceptionally pleasing to their senses!
  • Make everyone go "Wow! It smells so great in here!"  when they walk into your restrooms!
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Save for the environment

Fragrance in Restrooms with other Methods

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Fragrance in Restrooms with AromaQuest

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As simple and easy as 1, 2, 3...

Using the cleaning products that you already have, along with our EasyQuest and Continuous Fragrance Microdiffusers, your restrooms will always smell amazingly well! 

1.  Clean your restrooms, including bowls, urinals, floor, walls, and mirrors with the cleaners and disinfectants of your choice*.

2.  After cleaning, spray EasyQuest once a day inside and around bowls and urinals to prevent and eliminate the smell of urine from pores, joints, and hidden places.

3.  Meanwhile, let the AromaQuest Continuous Fragrance Microdiffuser do the rest, keeping the environtment ALWAYS fresh and scented!

¡Keeping your restrooms clean and ALWAYS smelling amazingly well, have never been easier!






Restroom Urine Odor Eliminator

Product made of chemical resistant enzymes that digest urine odors.  It is fast and easy to apply using a trigger sprayer.  Just spray EasyQuest once a day inside and around bowls and urinals to eliminate and prevent bad odors.


Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Continuous Fragrance Microdiffusers



Restroom Cleaning Procedures user Guide


AromaQuest Urinal Screen


Fits in urinals to catch debris such as chewing gum, cigarettes and paper, keeping drains and urinals free flowing.  Shield shape fits well on all urinals.


The main cause of bad odors in public restrooms is drops of urine around and outside toilets and urinals!

Always-Clean Restroom System vs Drip Dispensers

Drip Dispensers only apply chemicals inside bowls and urinals, never reaching the outside or surrounding areas, such as floors or walls that still need to be cleaned.  Their capability to deodorize the whole environment is limited and are often installed with aerosol dispensers.  On these installations scent is not always intense, constant and it doesn´t reach every corner of the room.


Reality of what happens at public restrooms:

Drops of urine falls out of toilets and urinals.


Drip Dispensers:  

The applied product only have contact with the interior of the toilet or urinal.


Always-Clean Restroom System:

EasyQuest is applied to all exposed areas.

Features Always-Clean Restroom System Urinal and Bowl Drip Dispensers
Product reaches adjacent areas of bowls and urinals such as floors and walls where urine is splashed. YES NO
Eliminates urine odors from inside and outside bowls and urinals. YES NO
Keeps a high-intensity fragrance in all corners of the restroom, from the entrance door to the back wall. YES NO
Number of devices needed. One for the entire Restroom Multiple, One for each Bowl and Urinal.
Need to install additional fragrance dispensers to keep all areas fresh. NO YES
Need other cleaners and disinfectants for a thorough cleaning and to eliminate germs. YES YES


One AQ-B4 Microdiffuser replaces up to 4 drip and 2 aerosol dispensers.


One  AQ-L25 Microdiffuser replaces up to 16 drip and 6 de aerosol dispensers.



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